Longarm Quilting

I would be pleased to quilt your project.  I have been longarm quilting out of my home for 3 years.  I am located in Mequon, WI.  Please call 608-235-4859 to make an appointment for quilting or to check availability.

Edge to Edge Quilting means choosing a repeating pattern to cover the entire quilt.  When we meet, I have a number of design options available.  We will choose the type and size of design as well as the thread and bobbin color.
This quilting starts at 1.5 cents per square inch with a minimum fee of $40.
To calculate your base price, use the following:  width x length x .015 = price.  ( 60" x 80" x .015 = $72.00)
Additional options available are: Separate border patterns, Outlining photos or focus areas. There will be an extra fee for these options based on the size and complexity of your project.

Custom Quilting means quilting that accentuates different areas of the quilt.  This could include stitching in the ditch, outlining applique and adding background designs, separate block, sashing, and border designs, matching the quilting from a photo, or anything else you can think of.  
This quilting starts at .03 cents per square inch with a minimum fee of $50.  The price will increase based on the complexity and size of the quilting patterns.

Additional Services Include: Piecing Backing, Trimming Edges, Extra Dense Quilting, Binding Services

Batting Available:  I carry Quilter's Dream Battings.  You can purchase batting from me starting at $9 per yard (93" wide) or provide your own batting.

Preparing your quilts: Please bring your pressed top, pieced backing, and batting if you are providing it.  Your backing and batting should be at least 4" larger on all sides.  On smaller quilts, it can be a little bit less than 4", please call or email if you have any questions.  

Longarm Repair

I travel within SE Wisconsin to repair and adjust Longarm Quilting Machines.  I have the most experience working with Nolting Machines, including the Voyager Lonagarm Machine, but I am comfortable working on a variety of machines.
My rate is $100 for the first hour plus $50 for each additional hour, for destinations within a 30 minute drive time of Mequon, WI.   If you are outside of that area, I charge an additional mileage rate.
Many issues can be solved over the phone, please feel free to call or email for advice.  See contact page.

T-Shirt Quilts

I create quilts out of your t-shirts. You will bring me the t-shirts, and I will return a quilt to you.  You can choose your fabrics, or style, and all of the cutting, piecing, quilting and binding is done by me.
My base price for 16-25 t-shirts is $300 plus materials (usually about $150).